Friday, January 31, 2014

Hopes and Inspirations (or something like that)

I enjoy photographing nature. The stereotypical things such as sunsets and sunrises. Because I live near the water I normally incorporate the ocean into my photos. I almost never take pictures of other people. I like to take macro shots of flowers, as I said earlier stereotypical photographs. Sometimes I depart from nature I take pictures of cityscapes. I also have an interest in architecture so this is where my hobbies overlap. I take most of my photographs on trips and these trips coincidentally involve trips to cities and rose gardens outside those cities. One final way I love to take pictures at night thunderstorms and the moon is ost of what I do.  I am open to learning about capturing new subjects, I think that my current outlook is a bit too narrow.

Things that help me learn are praise and criticism in the right amount. It really helps me to learn when I know what I am doing wrong and how to improve. I think this is a fairly common trait among learners. When I am doing something right I would like it to be appreciated. I am a visual learner, so any way to see something that we are learning helps.

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