Thursday, February 27, 2014

Unusual perspectives

        I created this image over February break in Florida. I was coming home from a great dinner out with my grandparents and Mother. When we were driving over a bridge close to their house I removed my eyes from my smartphone and looked up, I saw in the cooling Floridian night that there was a light fog which made the picturesque streets and lights of the quiet town of Venice seem to glow. I persuaded the adults to let me get out and wander the streets for a few minutes. Keep in mind that this is at 10:30 at night in Florida. I had to do a lot of persuading. The resulting pictures have some halos and blurring around the lights, which I think looks very nice. To capture this photograph I did have to stand directly in the center of a road, but at 10:30 in Venice not much is going on. The Florida night was humid and mild, there was the occasional sound of a passing car or thumping of bass from a far away club. The most noticeable feeling was the emptiness, Venice felt like ghost town, which left the lights on. Almost like Yarmouth, but with more light and less snow. 
     I love photographing at night, however I never carry a tripod which always becomes an issue with long exposures such as this photo. I have become fairly good at holding perfectly still for the 10-25 second exposures required for this series. But without a tripod on 2/3 of the pictures I took on that Venice night came out non-blurry. The ones that did come out well, I really like, not many of them fit the unusual perspective requirement though, so I hope to be able to weave them into other assignments later.

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