Thursday, May 29, 2014

Culture Clash


  • To create a Clash of Cultures by creating your own Photo montage, combining images from Beijing, China and Yarmouth, Maine, USA;

  • To further develop your Photoshop knowledge and skills;
  • To create a “surreal” landscape by montaging a variety of photographs;
To know, use, and understand the Four Collage Techniques to in your Photo Montage: Juxtaposition/fragmentation, Point of View, Scale Change, Overlapping

During the creation of my culture clash project I learned how to work efficiently in photoshop, select good photos, and some new photoshop techniques. I learned that command T is transform, and command D is deselect. I also saw the many effects which can be put on a photo, such as gradients and patterns. While I was working on this project I really had to think about what photos would work well with the background and each other. Some pictures on the ning were nice, but just didn’t have the point of view I wanted, so they could not be used in my project. This was also a major difficulty, finding photos that worked that is. Because in the Ning there are very few landscapes, and many photographs are very similar because of overlapping assignments.

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