Thursday, June 12, 2014

Memorable Experience.

     My most memorable experience in this class was the free choice project. During the free choice assignment I finally got to photograph what I wanted. I think we covered all the photo cliches except for landscape photography. I really enjoyed being able to go back to what I like to photograph. As I said in my first post, nature is my favorite subject. I would take more pictures of animals, but I don't have a zoom lens. Also, during free choice I did more night photography, under a full moon. This is the most memorable experience from this class. I prefer to be working out of the classroom, and the weekly photo assignment allowed me to do this. With the free choice assignment, I felt really in my element.

     This assignment impacted my learning because I was able to get feedback on the photos which I love to take. I helped me to learn what things the class said they liked, and which photos compositions I should try to avoid in the future. This also may have been my favorite aspect of the course, the feedback. I love getting feedback, positive and negative. The passing of the photos after each assignment gave me that feedback. Although I kind of wish I could have got more comments about why people like things.  It would have been great if I could have done more nature, landscapes, or night photography as assignments for this course.

Free choice Assignment

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