Monday, March 31, 2014

Creative Portraits

          I created this image by photographing Molly and Kenzie who were posing very nicely. I made sure to allow for space for where they were looking to. I think the background of bricks and photo letters adds some more interest. This was taken during the allotted class time. I think Molly and Kenzie are trying for different things, Molly is trying to look all serious and inspired, gazing off-camera and Kenzie is trying to take it more lightly. I always thought off camera looks were more serious, but that's just my opinion.

         These last two photos I took in Portland. The above photo is from the narrow gauge railroad. I was taking pictures of the train and this little guy just kept staring at me with his, sort of sad looking gaze. I tried very hard not to be creepy when taking this photo. I have some difficulty taking pictures of other people, especially when I don't know them just because I know I don't like strangers photographing me. in November I read an article on Engadget (tech blog) about Matt Stuart and street photography, I kept trying to channel his fearlessness in photographing other people. (here)

        Which leads me to my next photo of what I think is an arguing couple. I took this by briskly walking by, my phone upside down and by my side constantly taking photos. While I still can't get over the creepy feeling, I really like the result. I think that I really captured the emotion of the argument with the woman pointing her finger and the man with his head cocked  in a confrontational manner. Also the accidental off kilter framing adds to the mood even more because the diagonal lines add tension, I think.  

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  1. Wow, excellent work, Ethan. I am so impressed with your photographs and your perceptions. Thank you for including the link about street photography! We need to share this with the class!