Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Famous Portraits

Richar Avedon, 1980, Roberto Lopez

I like this portrait because it is plain and honest. By the was the man is presented it is easy to understand his profession. He looks as tough as the land he works, this is conveyed in his furrowed brow, lean face, and mildly toned physique. Richard Avedon's style is shown best in this portrait. Avedon rarely uses props, and mostly includes a plain white background. He lets the subject do the talking.
Arnold Newman, N.D, JFK

This photograph of JFK illustrates a man(JFK), his fortress in the foreground and his lands in the background. I think the large, towering architectural features emphasize the commanding position this president is in. Interestingly, Where JFK is looking is cropped out from the viewer. This crop shows that photographers don't always have to follow the rules. Arnold Newman's style uses interesting backgrounds and unique framing to describe the person being photographed. 

Annie Leibowitz, Whoopie Golberg

Annie Leibowitz always portrays he subjects in unique, edgy poses. Often, like in this photograph, these poses describe the subject's personality. Woopie is a playful and funny person, so apparently a bathtub of milk shows that. Leibowitz photographs many famous personalities. Some of these famous personalities include: McJagger, Demi Moore, Miley Cyrus, and john Lennon. Most of the people were at least partially unclothed during the shoot.

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