Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Portrait Techniques

1.Play with backgrounds

By choosing a different background the photographer can change the mood of the portrait dramatically. The background can very from being very minimal to being complex and descriptive.

2. Subject Expressions

Extreme moods and emotions add interest to the photo. Playing with varying moods can make the image a lot better.

3. Alter your perspective

Totally changing from the standard view of a subject can make a portrait truly amazing. The from the mould of standard eye level photography.

4.Looking off camera

Having the the subject look off can make a photo more candid or intriguing. This off-camera look can also make the photo look more serious, and less corny.

5. Candid Shots 

Candid shots can really bring out the expression in the subject. These shots sometimes include the subject looking off camera. The point is that the person being photographed doesn't know it.

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